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They embody excellence, armed with extensive training, certifications, accreditations, and years of valuable experience.
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In coach training, certification is a widely accepted declaration of achievement that shows you have been found to possess the knowledge and abilities necessary to work as a coach by an accredited coach training provider. Typical coach training programs for professional coaches have a duration between 6 and 12 months.
Accreditation means a school’s program has undergone rigorous external inspection and quality testing by a leading body such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Core competencies are used to map the curriculum, and the faculty, testing, and learning procedures are all evaluated.
A credential denotes a recognised degree of coaching expertise as determined by an industry apex organization, such as the ICF. Names like ACC, PCC, or MCC serve to illustrate the qualifying requirements: having the required education, work experience, coaching demonstration and passing the credentialing exam.
Pre-coaching experience can help coaches build trust and rapport with their clients, as they can draw upon their experiences to relate to their clients and understand their unique challenges and concerns. Pre-coaching experience can be important and relevant for coaching clients, as it can provide coaches with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that can enhance their coaching abilities.
The length of time a coach has been practicing can be an important factor in coaching effectiveness. Over time, experienced coaches can develop a deep understanding of the coaching process, including a broad range of coaching techniques and tools such as asking powerful questions, actively listen, and provide effective feedback, which can lead to better outcomes for their clients. Experienced coaches may also have a network of contacts and resources that they can tap into to provide additional support to their clients.
Chemistry between a coach and the client can also play a significant role in coaching effectiveness. When a client feels comfortable and connected to the coach, the client is more likely to trust the coach and be open to guidance and feedback. A coach who has good chemistry with the client can create a safe and supportive environment where the client feels heard, valued, and understood. This can help the client to open up and share more deeply, which can lead to more profound insights and breakthroughs. dublin


Pat Kennedy

Introducing Pat Kennedy, a highly skilled executive coach hailing from Dublin, renowned for his expertise in career development. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of professional growth, Pat is dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to success. Through personalized coaching sessions, he assists clients in identifying their career aspirations, defining clear goals, and creating actionable plans to achieve them. Pat’s extensive experience enables him to provide valuable insights, practical strategies, and targeted guidance, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and navigate career transitions with confidence. His unwavering commitment to his clients’ advancement and his ability to unlock their true potential make Pat an invaluable partner in their career development journey.

Heather Blackmore

Meet Heather Blackmore, a distinguished executive coach based in Dublin, specializing in the deep work of executives, entrepreneurs, and creatives. With a profound understanding of the unique challenges faced by high-achieving individuals, Heather is dedicated to guiding her clients through transformative journeys of personal and professional growth. Through her coaching approach, she helps executives delve into the depths of their inner selves, uncovering hidden potential, addressing limiting beliefs, and fostering authentic leadership. With entrepreneurs and creatives, Heather offers invaluable support in unlocking creativity, overcoming obstacles, and achieving their goals. Her deep work methodology enables individuals to tap into their true essence, gain clarity, and make profound shifts that result in sustainable success and fulfillment

John Lovett

Introducing John Lovett, an exceptional executive coach based in Dublin, known for his focus on coaching and mentoring individuals to express, create, and articulate their vision. With a keen understanding of the power of vision in driving personal and professional success, John empowers his clients to unlock their true potential and bring their aspirations to life. Through his coaching approach, he provides a supportive and transformative environment that encourages self-expression, creativity, and clarity of purpose. John guides individuals in clarifying their vision, identifying key goals, and developing strategic action plans to turn their vision into reality. His expertise in coaching and mentoring enables individuals to unleash their unique talents, harness their passion, and manifest their vision with confidence and authenticity.

Trassa Meegan

Meet Trassa Meegan, an executive coach based in Dublin, renowned for her focus on critical thinking, business understanding, and empathy. With a passion for helping individuals thrive, Trassa creates a supportive and challenging environment, opening up fresh perspectives and forging deep relationships. Through her coaching, she guides clients to develop their critical thinking skills, enhancing their business acumen and decision-making abilities. With her empathetic approach, Trassa builds strong connections that foster personal growth and professional success. Her coaching style encourages individuals to explore new possibilities, gain clarity, and create lasting positive change. With Trassa as their coach, clients experience a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and meaningful growth.

Clara Whitaker

Introducing Clara Whitaker, a highly skilled leadership coach from Dublin, specializing in career development and executive brand strategies. With a deep passion for empowering individuals to reach their full potential, Clara guides her clients on a transformative journey of professional growth. Through her expertise in leadership development, she assists individuals in honing their skills, leveraging their strengths, and navigating their career paths with intention. Clara also focuses on executive brand strategies, helping clients build a strong personal brand that aligns with their professional goals and values. With Clara as their coach, individuals gain the tools, insights, and strategies to excel in their careers, amplify their impact, and achieve long-term success.

Walthea Patterson

Meet Walthea Patterson, a highly skilled cognitive behavioural coach from Dublin. Specializing in career development, interview preparation, and public speaking, Walthea empowers individuals to excel in their professional endeavors. Through her coaching, clients navigate the intricacies of career growth, acquire essential skills, and develop strategic plans for success. With a keen focus on interview preparation, she equips individuals to shine in job interviews and secure their desired roles. Furthermore, Walthea’s expertise in public speaking enables clients to communicate effectively, conquer stage fright, and deliver impactful presentations. Through her guidance, individuals gain the confidence and skills needed to thrive in their careers and effectively convey their messages.

Marcell Szabo

Meet Marcell Szabo, a highly esteemed executive coach based in Dublin, dedicated to encouraging leaders to embrace responsible innovation in their business strategy. With a focus on integrating shared values, Marcell empowers executives to create the next generation of products and services. Through his coaching, leaders gain the insights and tools needed to navigate the complexities of responsible innovation, fostering ethical decision-making and sustainable practices. Marcell’s expertise enables leaders to align their business strategy with shared values, driving social impact while achieving business growth. With his guidance, leaders unlock their potential to create a meaningful and successful future through responsible innovation.

Ted Walsh

Introducing Ted Walsh, a highly skilled executive coach focused on enabling clients to gain clarity about the changes they desire and supporting them in implementing strategies and actions to bring about those changes. Ted understands the importance of clarity in achieving personal and professional growth. Through his coaching, he helps clients explore their goals, values, and aspirations, allowing them to gain a clear vision of the changes they want to make. Ted then guides clients in developing practical strategies and action plans to turn their visions into reality. With Ted’s expertise and support, clients are empowered to make transformative changes, navigate challenges, and achieve their desired outcomes.

Valerie O’Hanlon

Meet Valerie O’Hanlon, an exceptional career coach specializing in profiling strengths, taking control of your career, building personal presence, and facilitating career change. With a keen understanding of individual potential, Valerie empowers clients to discover and harness their unique abilities. Through her coaching, clients gain clarity on their career goals, develop strategic plans, and take proactive steps towards success. Valerie also helps clients build personal presence, enhancing communication skills and professional impact. With her expertise in facilitating career change, Valerie supports clients in navigating transitions and pursuing fulfilling career paths. With Valerie’s guidance, clients unlock their potential, create meaningful career changes, and achieve professional fulfillment.

Tom Bell

Introducing Tom Bell, an exceptional executive coach specializing in helping individuals and teams achieve growth and breakthroughs to reach a level of excellence. With a deep understanding of personal and team dynamics, Tom empowers his clients to overcome barriers, unlock their full potential, and achieve outstanding results. Through his coaching approach, he guides individuals and teams in identifying their goals, creating actionable strategies, and cultivating a mindset of excellence. Tom’s expertise in personal and professional development enables his clients to navigate challenges, develop leadership skills, and foster a culture of continuous growth. With Tom as their coach, individuals and teams are equipped to surpass their limitations, embrace their potential, and achieve excellence in their endeavors.


All professional coaches in the Top 10 Coaches are fair and impartially selected, chargeless.