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They embody excellence, armed with extensive training, certifications, accreditations, and years of valuable experience.
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In coach training, certification is a widely accepted declaration of achievement that shows you have been found to possess the knowledge and abilities necessary to work as a coach by an accredited coach training provider. Typical coach training programs for professional coaches have a duration between 6 and 12 months.
Accreditation means a school’s program has undergone rigorous external inspection and quality testing by a leading body such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Core competencies are used to map the curriculum, and the faculty, testing, and learning procedures are all evaluated.
A credential denotes a recognised degree of coaching expertise as determined by an industry apex organization, such as the ICF. Names like ACC, PCC, or MCC serve to illustrate the qualifying requirements: having the required education, work experience, coaching demonstration and passing the credentialing exam.
Pre-coaching experience can help coaches build trust and rapport with their clients, as they can draw upon their experiences to relate to their clients and understand their unique challenges and concerns. Pre-coaching experience can be important and relevant for coaching clients, as it can provide coaches with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that can enhance their coaching abilities.
The length of time a coach has been practicing can be an important factor in coaching effectiveness. Over time, experienced coaches can develop a deep understanding of the coaching process, including a broad range of coaching techniques and tools such as asking powerful questions, actively listen, and provide effective feedback, which can lead to better outcomes for their clients. Experienced coaches may also have a network of contacts and resources that they can tap into to provide additional support to their clients.
Chemistry between a coach and the client can also play a significant role in coaching effectiveness. When a client feels comfortable and connected to the coach, the client is more likely to trust the coach and be open to guidance and feedback. A coach who has good chemistry with the client can create a safe and supportive environment where the client feels heard, valued, and understood. This can help the client to open up and share more deeply, which can lead to more profound insights and breakthroughs. bratislava


Dalibor Bednařík

Introducing Dalibor Bednařík, a dedicated professional coach hailing from Bratislava, specializing in working with leaders to enhance their leadership styles through coaching and mentoring. With a deep understanding of leadership dynamics, Dalibor empowers leaders to excel in their roles. Through his coaching, he guides leaders in honing their skills, embracing effective strategies, and driving positive change within their teams. Dalibor’s expertise lies in cultivating leadership excellence, fostering self-awareness, and promoting growth. With Dalibor as their coach, leaders gain the insights, tools, and support needed to evolve their leadership styles, create impactful change, and achieve lasting success for themselves and their teams.

Zuzana Jojicova

Meet Zuzana Jojicova, a devoted executive coach based in Bratislava, with a unique focus on unlocking clients’ best qualities and uniqueness. With a profound commitment to individual potential, Zuzana empowers clients to embrace their strengths and build confidence. Through her coaching, she guides individuals in discovering their authentic selves, fostering a sense of empowerment and vitality. Zuzana’s expertise lies in helping clients harness their innate potential, creating a transformative journey towards energized and confident living. With Zuzana as their coach, clients gain the insights, encouragement, and tools needed to tap into their unique qualities, elevate their self-esteem, and thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

Andrea Profantova

Introducing Andrea Profantova, a dedicated business coach with a focus on enhancing communication skills and team leadership, particularly in the virtual space. With a deep understanding of modern work dynamics, Andrea empowers individuals to excel in remote and virtual environments. Through her coaching, she guides clients in developing effective communication strategies, fostering team collaboration, and optimizing leadership practices. Andrea’s expertise lies in bridging the gap between physical and virtual teamwork, ensuring that individuals and teams thrive regardless of their location. With Andrea as their coach, clients gain the insights, strategies, and support needed to navigate the challenges of remote work, enhance communication, and lead teams to success in both physical and virtual settings.

Petra Fuskova

Introducing Petra Fuskova, a seasoned executive coach with a focus on comprehensive leadership development. Specializing in individual and team coaching from a systemic perspective, Petra leverages client strengths to foster growth. Through her coaching, she guides leaders in building high-performing teams, enhancing employee motivation, and cultivating effective communication skills. Petra’s expertise lies in creating a synergistic approach that considers both individual and team dynamics, optimizing outcomes. With Petra as their coach, leaders gain insights, strategies, and support to cultivate leadership excellence, drive team performance, and foster an environment of motivation, feedback, and effective communication.

Zuzana Karpinská

Introducing Zuzana Karpinská, a transformative coach specializing in partnering with managers and executives to address leadership dilemmas, enhance personal effectiveness, and discover deeper meaning. With a deep understanding of leadership challenges, Zuzana empowers individuals to navigate complex situations. Through her coaching, she guides clients in refining their leadership approaches, maximizing personal effectiveness, and aligning with their core values. Zuzana’s expertise lies in fostering transformational growth by exploring the intersection of leadership and personal fulfillment. With Zuzana as their coach, managers and executives gain the tools, insights, and support needed to make impactful decisions, lead with purpose, and find profound meaning in both their professional and personal lives.

Milan Kalmancai

Meet Milan Kalmancai, a dedicated business coach with a focus on empowering entrepreneurs to excel in time management, achieve work-family balance, and inspire team motivation. With a profound understanding of entrepreneurial challenges, Milan guides individuals to navigate complexities effectively. Through his coaching, he provides strategies to optimize time, establish equilibrium between work and family, and foster team cohesion. Milan’s expertise lies in enhancing productivity while maintaining personal well-being and team dynamics. With Milan as their coach, entrepreneurs gain the insights, strategies, and support needed to thrive in both business and personal spheres, maximizing their success and positively impacting their teams.

Peter Barica

Meet Peter Barica, a devoted professional coach with a focus on enabling authentic, continuous, and mindful self-development and transformation. With a deep commitment to personal growth, Peter empowers individuals to embrace their true selves and embark on transformative journeys. Through his coaching, he guides clients in cultivating self-awareness, fostering continuous learning, and achieving meaningful change. Peter’s expertise lies in helping individuals align their actions with their values, leading to authentic and lasting transformation. With Peter as their coach, individuals gain the tools, insights, and support needed to navigate their personal development path with authenticity, mindfulness, and a deep sense of purpose.

Denisa Sofia Kmecova

Introducing Denisa Sofia Kmecova, an inspirational transformational coach specializing in collaborating with managers and executives to facilitate profound growth and change. With a keen insight into leadership dynamics, Denisa empowers individuals to overcome obstacles and reach their fullest potential. Through her coaching, she guides clients in enhancing their leadership prowess, refining decision-making, and achieving holistic development. Denisa’s expertise lies in sparking transformation through introspection and strategic action, enabling managers and executives to excel in their roles. With Denisa as their coach, individuals gain the tools, insights, and dedicated support needed to enact lasting positive change, elevate their leadership effectiveness, and achieve remarkable outcomes in both their professional and personal spheres.

Dana Dubravska

Meet Dana Dubravska, an influential professional coach with a focus on cultivating successful and effective leadership. Dana empowers individuals to harness their inner potential and align their professional and personal lives with their dreams and ideas. Through her coaching, she guides clients in honing their leadership skills, unlocking their unique potential, and living a life of fulfillment. Dana’s expertise lies in bridging the gap between aspirations and achievements, ensuring individuals thrive as leaders and in their personal pursuits. With Dana as their coach, clients gain the insights, strategies, and encouragement needed to become impactful leaders while living their professional and personal lives in alignment with their dreams and visions.

Petra Laktišová

Introducing Petra Laktišová, a dedicated professional coach based in Bratislava, committed to helping her clients discover their inner resources and break free from the confines of trying to fit into someone else’s mold. Petra’s coaching is centered around empowering individuals to embrace their unique qualities and shine brightly, enriching their own lives and the lives of those around them with their authentic values. With Petra’s guidance, clients embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and personal growth, ultimately gaining the confidence and clarity to lead fulfilling and purpose-driven lives. Petra’s expertise lies in helping individuals unlock their true potential and live authentically. With Petra as their coach, clients are empowered to be their most genuine selves and make a positive impact on the world.


All professional coaches in the Top 10 Coaches are fair and impartially selected, chargeless.