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They embody excellence, armed with extensive training, certifications, accreditations, and years of valuable experience.
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In coach training, certification is a widely accepted declaration of achievement that shows you have been found to possess the knowledge and abilities necessary to work as a coach by an accredited coach training provider. Typical coach training programs for professional coaches have a duration between 6 and 12 months.
Accreditation means a school’s program has undergone rigorous external inspection and quality testing by a leading body such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Core competencies are used to map the curriculum, and the faculty, testing, and learning procedures are all evaluated.
A credential denotes a recognised degree of coaching expertise as determined by an industry apex organization, such as the ICF. Names like ACC, PCC, or MCC serve to illustrate the qualifying requirements: having the required education, work experience, coaching demonstration and passing the credentialing exam.
Pre-coaching experience can help coaches build trust and rapport with their clients, as they can draw upon their experiences to relate to their clients and understand their unique challenges and concerns. Pre-coaching experience can be important and relevant for coaching clients, as it can provide coaches with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that can enhance their coaching abilities.
The length of time a coach has been practicing can be an important factor in coaching effectiveness. Over time, experienced coaches can develop a deep understanding of the coaching process, including a broad range of coaching techniques and tools such as asking powerful questions, actively listen, and provide effective feedback, which can lead to better outcomes for their clients. Experienced coaches may also have a network of contacts and resources that they can tap into to provide additional support to their clients.
Chemistry between a coach and the client can also play a significant role in coaching effectiveness. When a client feels comfortable and connected to the coach, the client is more likely to trust the coach and be open to guidance and feedback. A coach who has good chemistry with the client can create a safe and supportive environment where the client feels heard, valued, and understood. This can help the client to open up and share more deeply, which can lead to more profound insights and breakthroughs. athens


Alex Varelas

Meet Alex Varelas, a distinguished executive coach based in Athens, specializing in organizations eager to empower their people and teams for enhanced performance. With a focus on optimizing human potential, Alex guides businesses in fostering excellence and innovation. Through his coaching, he helps organizations create a culture of continuous improvement, enabling individuals and teams to thrive. Alex’s expertise lies in aligning leadership, developing cohesive teams, and enhancing individual growth. By leveraging his insights, organizations achieve improved performance, increased engagement, and sustainable success. With Alex as their coach, businesses unlock their full potential, harness their collective strengths, and pave the way for transformative growth.

Irini Nikolaidou

Introducing Irini Nikolaidou, a self-motivated and achievement-oriented Human Resources Professional and Executive Coach. With a proven track record in HR and a passion for coaching, Irini empowers individuals and teams to excel. Through her coaching, she fosters personal and professional growth, guiding clients to achieve their goals with precision and dedication. Irini’s expertise in human resources combined with her coaching skills allows her to provide valuable insights, enhance leadership qualities, and optimize team dynamics. With Irini as their coach, individuals and organizations benefit from a dedicated professional who enables personal and collective achievement while driving meaningful development and success.

Eleni Orfanou

Introducing Eleni Orfanou, a dedicated professional coach with a focus on enhancing personal and professional development for employees and business executives. With a keen understanding of the intricate balance between personal growth and career success, Eleni empowers individuals to navigate challenges and achieve their aspirations. Through her coaching, she provides tailored strategies to optimize skills, boost confidence, and cultivate leadership abilities. Eleni’s expertise bridges the gap between personal and professional domains, enabling clients to achieve growth and effectiveness in both aspects. With Eleni as their coach, individuals and executives gain the insights, tools, and support needed to propel their personal and professional development forward, leading to enhanced success and fulfillment.

Elena Mitsibona

Introducing Elena Mitsibona, a dedicated professional coach specializing in helping private and public sector organizations enhance their customer experience, sales productivity, and leadership capabilities. With a deep understanding of organizational dynamics, Elena guides businesses in optimizing performance and growth. Through her coaching, she empowers teams to excel in customer service, streamline sales processes, and develop effective leadership skills. Elena’s expertise bridges the gap between customer-centric strategies and leadership development, ensuring organizations achieve excellence in multiple areas. With Elena as their coach, companies gain the tools, insights, and support needed to elevate customer experiences, boost sales outcomes, and cultivate strong leadership, resulting in sustainable success and positive impact.

Leda Karabela

Meet Leda Karabela, a distinguished leadership coach with a focus on executive presence, powerful communication/storytelling, team development, and interpersonal relationship navigation. With a deep understanding of leadership dynamics, Leda empowers individuals to excel in diverse areas. Through her coaching, she guides clients in enhancing their executive presence, refining communication skills, and harnessing the power of effective storytelling. Leda’s expertise extends to building high-performing teams, hiring strategies, and navigating complex interpersonal dynamics. With her guidance, leaders develop a holistic skill set, fostering impactful leadership, successful team dynamics, and effective relationship management. With Leda as their coach, individuals gain the tools, insights, and support needed to achieve excellence in leadership, communication, team development, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Konstantia Palla

Introducing Konstantia Palla, a dedicated executive coach with a sharp focus on the personal and professional empowerment of business executives and professionals. With a deep commitment to growth and development, Konstantia guides her clients to achieve their fullest potential. Through her coaching, she empowers individuals to navigate challenges, enhance their leadership capabilities, and achieve their goals. Konstantia’s expertise lies in fostering a harmonious blend of personal growth and professional success, enabling her clients to thrive in both domains. With Konstantia as their coach, business executives and professionals gain the insights, strategies, and support needed to elevate their performance, expand their influence, and achieve transformative empowerment in both their personal and professional lives.

Nicole Mantzikopoulou

Introducing Nicole Mantzikopoulou, a dedicated professional coach with a focus on supporting executives to unlock their leadership potential and enhance engagement and productivity for themselves and their teams. With a deep understanding of leadership dynamics, Nicole guides executives in honing their skills, fostering team collaboration, and maximizing results. Through her coaching, she empowers individuals to navigate challenges, optimize their leadership styles, and create a positive impact on their teams. Nicole’s expertise lies in aligning personal and team growth strategies, ensuring that executives achieve success while enhancing the well-being of their teams. With Nicole as their coach, private executives gain the tools, insights, and support needed to lead with confidence, elevate team performance, and achieve sustainable success.

Krysta Tzelepi

Introducing Krysta Tzelepi, a distinguished executive coach specializing in guiding executives who navigate constant change, take on new roles, and seek life balance in an uncertain and volatile environment. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by these leaders, Krysta empowers them to excel amidst complexity. Through her coaching, she provides strategies to manage change, enhance adaptability, and find equilibrium. Krysta’s expertise lies in supporting executives to develop effective strategies for leadership, personal growth, and well-being in dynamic settings. With Krysta as their coach, executives gain the tools, insights, and support needed to thrive in demanding environments, achieve success, and maintain a balanced and fulfilling life.

Nasos Fotopoulos

Meet Nasos Fotopoulos, a dedicated professional coach with a focus on supporting clients in building coaching cultures, enhancing performance, self-transformation, and achieving success and satisfaction in both life and work. With a deep commitment to personal and organizational growth, Nasos empowers individuals to achieve their aspirations. Through his coaching, he guides clients in clarifying their goals, developing commitment, and creating actionable strategies. Nasos’s expertise lies in aligning personal values with achievable outcomes, ensuring clients have a clear path to success. With Nasos as their coach, individuals gain the tools, insights, and support needed to build a coaching culture, unlock their potential, and realize their objectives, fostering a harmonious blend of personal and professional success.

Nancy Mallerou

Introducing Nancy Mallerou, a dedicated professional coach with a focus on providing support and guidance to achieve a balanced, successful, and happy personal and professional life. With a profound understanding of the intricacies of modern life, Nancy empowers individuals to navigate challenges and attain holistic well-being. Through her coaching, she helps clients identify their goals, align their priorities, and create actionable plans. Nancy’s expertise lies in harmonizing personal and professional aspirations, ensuring individuals achieve success while maintaining their overall happiness. With Nancy as their coach, individuals gain the insights, strategies, and encouragement needed to create a fulfilling life that encompasses both personal contentment and professional achievement.


All professional coaches in the Top 10 Coaches are fair and impartially selected, chargeless.